12 Dec 2015

Student beats teacher!

Recently I showed my students one of the best typing games I have found online: Typing Attack. We spent a lesson playing the game, which is great at improving typing speed while having fun. They loved it :D It was a great surprise when one of my students, a 12 year old boy, did 67.3 WPM (words per minute). I can do around 50-60 WPM and I am his teacher... He beated me! Congratulations RM!! :)

6 Nov 2015

Trip to Escuela de Ciencia - Programning Videogames - 3-4 November 2015

In the Padlet Wall below you will find all the games that our kids created in just a 3 hour workshop using Stencyl. Instead of their names, only the initials are shown for obvious reasons.

Click on one of the boxes to load the game. You have to click on the scene to be able to play. Use the arrow keys to move and jump. You have to save the pink alien! Don't touch the boss! :D

Have fun!

25 Sep 2015

KTurtle Programming 2015-2016


The Kturtle Handbook (PDF)
The Kturtle Handbook (HTML)
Programming Refference (PDF)

Windows Computers: Download the KDE Installer for Windows and follow these instructions. Basically you need to click next a few times until you arrive to the Package Selection window. There you have to select KTurtle from the list of programs. A few more clicks on next and the installer will download and install KTurtle.

Mac Computers: There is no installer for Mac. KDE can be installed using Macports although it looks a bit complicated. Searhing in Google I found the ACSLogo program which looks pretty similar to KTurtle. I haven't tried it (I don't have a Mac) so try it at your own risk.

Linux Computers: KTurtle comes in allmost all Linux distributions. Just search kturtle in you package manager (for example synaptics or software manager) and install it.

Web-based KTurtle: The guys from rollApp have released a web-based KTurtle. Looks good but some computers have issues typing some symbols and copy-pasting. Again, try it at your own risk.

11 Sep 2015

HOWTO: Create your Timetable with Excel

Step 1: Type the information.

Step 2: Center align and middle align 

Step 3: Merge Cells 

Step 4: Add line borders 

Step 5: Resize rows and columns 

Step 6: Change font style, size, etc. 

Step 7: Colors 

Step 8: Print Preview, Page Setup and Print! 

31 Mar 2015

Blockly Games: Learn All the Basic Programming Concepts!

Blockly Games is awesome.

It covers the basics of Block Programming, Loops, Conditionals, Coordinates, Basic AI and Javascript. Also KTurtle with blocks! All on the web.

Enough to take anyone's head thinking computationally.

Similar to Scratch but a lot simpler while diverse and challenging. Sometimes really challenging. Good as a first lesson on programming for everyone and can come in handy in many programming lessons for Year 3-6 kids. Some activities can also serve as an hour of code topic starter.

Blockly Games is not as open as Scratch where you can experiment introducing your own media.

It's just simpler, but enough to cover a lot of programming concepts with 7 Activities:

  1. Puzzle: Quick introduction to Blocks
  2. Maze: Loops and Conditionals.
  3. Bird: Complex Conditionals. Coordinates.
  4. Turtle: KTurtle with blocks! :-D
  5. Movie: Maths Maths Maths
  6. Pond: Basic AI
  7. JPond: Javascript AI

From now on until june all my primary and Secondary kids will be learning to Code. They don't really know much about programming so Blockly Games comes handy as it starts easy and it's diverse.

Plan for my ICT Lessons: Blockly Games both in Primary and Secondary for 1-2 lessons (40-55 min each). Then CODE.org courses 1+2 for primary KS2 (7-11 years old). Secondary is a work in progress but probably Scratch! Maybe Creative Computing. I haven't decided yet. For my smallest kids from KS1 (5-7 years old) probably I'll go Bee-Bot for some lessons and then CODE.org course 0 (for non-readers).

And Improvisation ;)

Bellow you can see some pictures of Blockly Games.

7 Activites

Puzzle: Understand Blocks

Maze: Instructions, Loops & Conditionals

Bird: Complex Conditionals and Coordinates

Turtle: KTurtle with blocks. Awesome!

Movie: Maths & Maths & Maths

Pond and JPond: AI and Javascript

Did I say I like Blockly Games? ;)

Have fun!